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What do I do if the person who drew me didn't send a gift?

Sometimes mail is delayed or lost. If you're certain your gift hasn't been sent, here are a couple of steps you can take.

Elfster helps you host and participate in fun gift exchanges, simplifying your wishing and gifting. Giving makes you feel good, but it's no fun to be in a gift exchange and not receive a gift. If you didn't receive a gift in a gift exchange you participated in, please reach out to your host (see below) or follow the steps 👇  to reach out to the person who drew your name 🎩.  While you won't know who they are, they will know the message came from you.

  • Access the Gift Exchange page in your account by clicking on GIFT EXCHANGES at the top of any Elfster Page.
  • Click on the gift exchange image.Not Yet - Send An Email
  • On the next screen, you will see the name of your draw.
  • In the box below that, you're asked if you've received your gift.
  • Two options are available.  "Got it" and "Not Yet - Send An Email"
  • "Not Yet - Send An Email" will send a message to the person who drew your name. They will still be anonymous to you.
Send A Message to Person Who Drew Your Name

Elf Code doesn't allow us to reveal who drew you, but you can contact your host to let them know that you didn't receive a gift.  They have access to the list of who drew whom in the exchange and can reach out to the person who drew you to resolve the situation.

• Go to your Gift Exchange page
• Click on the host's name in the Gift Exchange dashboard.
• Click the Send Message button on the left side.
• Compose your message and click Send.


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