How do I share my Wishlist with others?

Sharing your Wishlist helps others know what you really want! Instructions for sharing your Wishlist are below.

Steps to Make Sure Your Wishlist is Shareable:

  1. Wish!  An empty Wishlist can't be shared.
  2. Set the Who Can See It? to "Public" so you can share outside of Elfster.
    1. In your Wishlist, click on the Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9.45.57 PM icon.
    2. Check the box next to PUBLIC under the question "Who can see it?" to ensure your Wishlist is visible to those who have the link. 
    3. We understand your privacy is important, so anyone you share the link with will need to create an Elfster account to see what you're wishing for. Anyone without a registered Elfster account will only have access to see the first six items on your Wishlist.

Sharing your Wishlist:

  1. Click on Wishlists on the dashboard of any Elfster page. 
  2. Choose the Wishlist you want to share; if you only have one Wishlist, you will go directly to it.
  3. Click on Share Wishlist, at the top of your Wishlist.(just below the title "Your Wishlists")
  4. Select the option you would like to use to share your Wishlist: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or copy the link to send via email, text message, or add to a Facebook Group or Messenger conversation. 

If you select the Copy Share Link option, a brief "Link Copied" confirmation will appear.  Select the method you'd like to use to share the link to your Wishlist and paste the link into that method.


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