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How do I send a Thank You note?

If you’d like to send a Thank You note for the gift you got—just follow the steps below—we know they’ll appreciate it a lot!

When the Gift Exchange is over, all participants will be prompted to send a Thank You note. When the note is sent, they are able to upload a photo of their gift. 

If you've received your gift and want to send a Thank You note right away

  1. Log into Elfster and click on your Gift Exchange.Got It
  2. On the Gift Exchange page, you'll see the Got It button. It's located under the person's name you drew and sent a gift to.
  3. Click on the Got It button and confirm that you received a gift.
  4. You'll get a confirmation that your gift has been marked as received and be asked if you'd like to send a Thank You note.
  5. Indicate that you'd like to thank your sender by selecting the Say Thanks button.
  6. ​In the Say Thanks dialog, there will be a text box. You'll use that to type your Thank You note.
  7. Under that box is a button to upload a photo of your gift. Select Browse to have the option to choose from photos you've already taken or take a photo now. Select Send once your selected photo has been uploaded.
    1. The Thank You note can be sent privately or publicly. By default, it is set to public view.
Thank you note

Elf Pro Tip✨ Click “Thank You Notes” on your Gift Exchange page to see what others wrote!