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How do I remove someone from the Gift Exchange?

✨ You may need to remove someone who was so excited to participate, that they signed up twice. ✨ This can be done at any time during the Gift Exchange.

How to Remove a Participant from a Gift Exchange

  1. Go to your Gift Exchange page
  2. Select the gear icon on the web or the pencil icon in the iOS or Android apps
  3. Select Manage Participants
  4. Select the 3 vertical dots next to the name you're removing
  5. In the apps, select the person's name first and then the 3 vertical dots in the upper right
  6. Choose the option to remove the person

Removing Someone Before Names Are Drawn

Removing someone before names are drawn will not affect any pairings.

Removing Someone After Names Are Drawn

Removing someone after names are drawn will affect the draw, but names will be automatically reassigned by Elfster.

This video shows how to view all draws and remove someone from the gift exchange. 

As each individual is removed, the person gifting to them will now be gifting to the person the removed participant originally drew. (i.e. Blitzen is gifting to Comet who is gifting to Dasher. Comet needs to be removed from the exchange, so Blitzen will now be gifting to Dasher.) We will send an email to the person whose draw changed, but if you need to know who is going to be affected, you may want to check who drew the person before removing them.

    📝 Elfster will send an email to the participant(s) who were affected by the removal, but if this occurs once people are aware that names have been drawn, they may think the second email is a glitch or not open it and not go back into Elfster to see their new draw.

    You may want to message them within Elfster as well or contact them personally to make sure they know their draw has changed. 📝