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How do I see who someone or everyone drew?

By default, we hide all info about the draw. If you are the organizer or an assistant and need to check the draw, all the deets are below.

✨The only people who can view whom everyone has drawn are organizers and assistants.

Viewing Draw Details on Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Web

  1. Select your Gift Exchange.
  2. Select Participating in the organizer menu. If you are on a mobile device, tap About and then select Manage Participants.
  3. Options for the organizer or assistant(s) to view participant data.
    1. Select the Show Draw button next to a person's name to see who they drew.
    2. Select Show All Draws at the top of the participant list to see who everyone drew.
    3. If you need to see who drew a particular person, enter their name in the search bar above the list of participants. Select their name when it is displayed in the list. Both that person and the person who drew them will be displayed.
      See the images below.  Image 1 shows entering a participant's name, Caleb.  Click on Caleb's full name in the drop-down.  Image 2 shows Caleb, but also Kayla, who drew Caleb.  

Search by name.         Reveal Draw


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⚠️ If you are participating, selecting Show All Draws will show who has drawn you as well.

iOS Show Draw-1

Viewing Draw Details in the iOS and Android Apps

  1. Tap Exchanges on the Navigation bar
  2. Tap your Gift Exchange
  3. Swipe left on the gear icon
  4. Tap Participants
  5. Tap Accepted
  6. Tap the name of the person
  7. Tap Show Draw to see who they drew