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  2. Participating in a Gift Exchange

How do I join a Gift Exchange?

You need to have an email invitation or a special invitation link in order to join a Gift Exchange. You can also create your own Gift Exchange.

Once you have received your invitation,

  1. Click on the link that you received from the host (either by email or a link from a text or social media). 
    1. If you have an existing Elfster account and your host used the same name and email address of your account to invite you, the gift exchange will appear in your account.  Click the image to RSVP.
  2. Follow the instructions on the page to RSVP.
    1. If you don't have an Elfster account, you will need to create one to RSVP. 
    2. Multiple accounts may use the same email address, however, each person needs to have their own unique user name and password for their account.
    3. If your organizer has indicated that gifts will be exchanged individually, an address form is provided when you RSVP so that the person who draws your name will know where to deliver or send your gift. These fields need to be completed.  Mailing addresses are not requested for Gift Exchanges at a party.

Make sure to check this box

Click HERE for Steps to create your own Gift Exchange.