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  2. Participating in a Gift Exchange

How do I find out who I drew?

The easiest way to find your draw is to log into Elfster and select the Gift Exchange. Other options are listed below.

Logging into your Elfster account is the quickest way to find the name of the person you drew. 

  1. Select the Gift Exchange from your dashboard in the Gift Exchanges section.
  2. The name of your draw will be shown on the next page. You can select their name to 
    1. View their Wishlist 
    2. View their address if you're mailing their gift
    3. Ask them Secret Q&A questions
    4. Send them a message. The messages may be sent as anonymous, or not, so make sure the box is checked to send as anonymous if you do not want your name to be shown.
    5. Watch the video below to see how it's done on mobile web
      HubSpot Video

You can also search your email account for an email from the-elves@elfster.com with the name of your Gift Exchange in the subject line plus "Names have been drawn! 🎩✨" This will contain a link to your Gift Exchange with the name of the person you drew.


⚠️ If you don't see the Gift Exchange in your account, you may have created a second account. Please contact our Helper Elves for assistance

⚠️ If the link in your Draw email isn't working correctly, your account may not be completely registered.  Reach out to our helper elves, so they can work their ✨ elf magic✨ and help you find your draw.

Your organizer also has the option to resend you the link to the Gift Exchange if you need help getting back to your Gift Exchange homepage.

If, after logging into your Elfster account, names have been drawn, but you haven't been given a name, you may have joined after the draw date. Please contact your Organizer to see if they will be drawing names among latecomers.