How do I edit Group Information?

Organizers and Assistants can change a group's information.

Information about the group that can be changed:

  • Group Picture - Choose a photo from your computer to represent your group. For success use .jpg, .jpeg, .png or non-animated .gif files that are 2MB or less.
    • Within the existing group image, click on the Camera icon.
    • Click Choose File.
    • Select a photo from your device.
    • Save your changes.
  • Assistants - Add or remove people who can help you with Gift Exchanges and running the group on the left side under the Group Image.
    • Click Manage under Assistants.
    • Select one or more people from the list to be your Assistant(s).
    • 📝 If there is no one on the list, you'll need to invite people to the group.
  • Group Name - Have fun naming your group by clicking in the field.
    • There is a 50 character limit to the name.
  • Group Type - Select Family, Friends, Work, School, Online Community, Club, Team, Neighbors, or Other.
  • Group Description - This is the place to let your group members know what your group is all about. Click in the field to add the description.
    • There is a 500 character limit.
  • Group Settings - These settings will also apply to any Gift Exchanges you create with your group.
    • Only allow members to send anonymous questions to the person they drew in a gift exchange.  
    • Only allow members to view contact information of the person they drew in a gift exchange.
    • Do not send birthday alerts to group members.
    • Do not draw names automatically after the sign-up date.  This disables the auto draw.  You will need to draw names manually by clicking the Draw Names Now button
    • Do not send emails about wall posts unless it is from me.  This reduces the number of emails your group members will receive.
  • Change Organizer - ​If you need to turn over ownership of your Group, you can change the organizer to another member of the Group. This will give all the Gift Exchange duties to the new organizer as well.
    • Click the Change Organizer button.
    • Select a group member from the list.
      ⚠️ This will remove you as the current organizer and all your permissions, so just be sure that's the step you want to take.​
  • Delete Group - The Organizer will also have the option to delete the Group completely if it was made in error. 
    • Click Delete Group.
    • Confirm that you want to delete the group.
    • 📝 Deleting the group will delete all current and past exchanges and may remove the ability to see some group member's Wish Lists if they've set the privacy to that group only.   
      ⚠️ An Organizer may delete a group, but an Assistant may not. ðŸ“¬ðŸŽ

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