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How do I add or edit my mailing address?

Your Elfster may need to know where to send your gift. Keep your address updated if your Gift Exchange isn't happening at an in-person party.

Mailing address fields are not required to create an account on Elfster. You can choose to leave those fields blank. However, if you decide to participate in a virtual or remote Gift Exchange, you may be swapping gifts with people living far away, perhaps even in a different country, and the person who draws your name will need to know where to send your gift.

Mailing address fields need to be completed when you RSVP to a Gift Exchange where gifts are delivered "by mail." This means that the participants will need to mail their gifts. Mailing addresses are only visible to people you are participating in a Gift Exchange with.  Your organizer may also enable a privacy option or hide the invitee list so that only the person who drew your name will see your address.  

Check out the instructions below to add or edit your mailing address 📬:

On Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Web:

  • Click/tap on your profile icon at the top of any Elfster page.
  • Select Profile Settings.
  • Select Personal Information at the top.
  • Enter or update your mailing address including country.  You may need to scroll down a little to see it.
  • Save Button any changes you make.

In the iOS and Android apps

  • Tap the gear icon in the top left on the Dashboard.
  • Select Personal Information.
  • Select Mailing Address.
  • Update the fields for your mailing address.
  • Save any changes you make.
  • Tap the < to return to the Dashboard.