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How do I set privacy options for my Gift Exchange?

As the Organizer, you can determine how much information the Participants can see about each other. These options are found under Settings in the Organizer menu in the Privacy Options section.

Privacy options available in ALL platforms:

Instructions for: Laptop/Desktop, Mobile Devices, iOS or Android Apps

  • Only allow members to send anonymous questions to the person they drew in a gift exchange. 

    • This option prevents members from asking anonymous questions to anyone other than the person they drew.
  • Only allow members to view contact information of the person they drew in a gift exchange.
    • This option is helpful for an online community exchange among individuals who don't know each other in real life or would prefer to share their information only with the person who draws their name.
  • Do not send birthday alerts to group members.
    • This option is helpful for an online community exchange among individuals who don't know each other in real life.
  • Do not draw names automatically after the sign-up date
    • This requires the Organizer to draw names manually, which can happen either before or after the sign-up date has passed.
  • Do not send emails about wall posts unless it is from me.
    • This option limits the number of emails Participants will receive.
  • Hide Invitee List
    • Only the Organizer and their Assistant(s) will be able to see the Invitee List.

Privacy Settings on Desktop:

  1. Click the Gear icon next to the exchange name. 
  2. Select the Privacy Settings from the left side menu


Gift Exchange Privacy Settings on Mobile

Privacy Settings on Mobile:

  1. Tap the Gear icon on the right
  2. Select Privacy Settings
  3. Select the Privacy Options for your Gift Exchange

Selecting the box next to each Option will activate that Privacy Option. Once Privacy Options are selected for a Gift Exchange within a Group, future Gift Exchanges will default to those Privacy Options.

Privacy SettingsPrivacy Settings in iOS and Android apps:

  1. Tap the Gift Exchanges icon in the Navigation bar
  2. Select the Gift Exchange you need to update the Privacy Settings for
  3. Swipe left on the gear icon ⚙️
  4. Tap Privacy Settings
  5. Select the Privacy Settings for your Gift Exchange