How do I add details to a Wishlist or wish like quantity, size, color, etc.?

Make gifting easy for the people giving to you! Adding details will help them get the right color, quantity and size. Read on for instructions to help you get wise.

Elf Tip: ✨ Add details when you add the wish to your Wishlist.

Adding Details to a Wish 

Personalize your wish by adding a note about your future gift. This is where you can explain exactly what you like.
How to Add a Note to a Wish ✏️
  1. Go to your Wishlist
  2. Select the three stacked dots on the upper right corner of the wish. 
    1. Select the edit pencil icon on the wish
  3. Add your message under Note for Family & Friends
    Change the quantity to the number you want
  5. Select save


Adding a Description to a Wishlist

You can also personalize an entire Wishlist by adding a Wishlist Description and selecting who can see it.
How to Add a Note to a Wishlist ✏️ 
  1. Select Wishlists
  2. Select the Wishlist to add the description to
  3. Select the gear icon on the web or "Edit" in the apps, next to the Wishlist title
  4. Under Wishlist Description, add your message (up to 500 characters)
  5. Select which Groups or Individuals can view the Wishlist, or just keep it private
  6. Don't forget to Save!

Wishlist note-thumb