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What if the person I drew hasn't added anything to their Wishlist?

The elves have got you covered! You can anonymously poke a friend to wish if their Wishlist is empty or you need more ideas than what they've added.

How to Poke Someone to Wish 💫  

  1. Navigate to your Friends list
    1. Web on Desktop: Click Friends in the menu.  
    2. Web on Mobile: Tap the hamburger menu in the top left.  Then tap Friends
    3. Mobile apps app: Tap Friends in the Navigation bar
  2. Web: Click/Tap the three vertical dots to reveal the Poke button.
    1. Any mobile platform: The Poke button is to the right of the person's name.  Tap the three dots to expose it.
  3. Click/tap the Poke button
  4. Confirm that you'd like to Poke them.

How to Poke on WebsiteApp-How-to-Poke-to-wish


✨You can also send the person you drew a Secret Q&A  or an anonymous message to learn more about the things they love. ✨