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  2. Organizing a Gift Exchange

How do I send a message to everyone in the Gift Exchange?

Need to send a heads up? Send a message to one person, several people, or everyone in the Gift Exchange.

  1. Select your Gift Exchange
  2. Select “Manage Participants” on the left side of the screen.
  3. At the top of the list, there will be an option to filter your participants by different criteria like Missing a Wish List or Have Marked Gift As Sent.  "All" will send a message to everyone.
  4. Select the group of people to send the message to.
  5. Click ✉️ Send Message above your participant list, compose your message, and click Send. This message will be sent by email.

📥 To send a message to only one person, select the three dots by their name, and select Send Message. 📥