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How do I send a message to my Group?

All members of the group can post messages to the Group Activity Feed. This can be used for conversations about the current Gift Exchange, an upcoming one, or just socializing.

Posting a message to the group on a Laptop or Desktop

  1. Select the group you would like to message from the Groups page.
    1. You may have to click on the "View All" button to see a full list of all of your Groups.
  2. To add a message to your Group page, click on the 🔔 Activity tab and write your message in the chatbox that says "Write a comment..."
    1. This message may be posted from you or may be posted anonymously. The anonymous option will appear after you begin typing.
    2. By default, all conversations started this way in a group will generate an email notification to all participants in a Group. An Organizer or Assistant within the Group can limit emails to only messages from the Organizer and Assistants by clicking on "Edit" on the left-hand side of the Group page. 
  3. If someone else has posted a message, you can comment either as yourself or anonymously.