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How do I send a gift and remain anonymous?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! We've got a few ideas. Check them out.

Elfster doesn't sell merchandise directly, but we have some ideas on how to remain anonymous when sending your gift.

Anonymous Tip 1: Order through Amazon or another merchant site—their return address will show on the package, so your draw won't know it came from you.

Anonymous Tip 2: Choose an item with Gift Options and replace your name with "Your Secret Elf" or another anonymous name that goes along with the theme of your Gift Exchange on the gift receipt.

Add Gift OptionsYour Secret Elf

Anonymous Tip 3: Want to make sure they don't open the box until a certain date and spoil the surprise?  After their name put "Don't Open Until - The Date You Choose" OR their name and the name of the Gift Exchange.
Dont Open Until

Anonymous Tip 4: When ordering from a smaller store or independent artist, a note with the order explaining that you're participating in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange and that you'd like them to hide the purchase information is just the ticket!

Anonymous Tip 5: Mailing something from the post office?  Put your draw's name and mailing address in the return address spot as well as the ship to spot.

Have any other great ideas to stay anonymous?  Send them our way at help@elfster.com.  Our elves are all ears!