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How do I prevent people from drawing someone they shouldn't?

Instructions for preventing spouses, siblings, teammates, etc. from drawing each other or someone they shouldn't.

Creating a Gift Exchange with the same people?  Never fear!  Our ✨Draw Magic✨will make sure they don't draw the same person they drew last year.*

This is easy and essential for many Gift Exchanges!

How to set Draw Restrictions

  1. Invite everyone to the Gift Exchange.
  2. Navigate to the Gift Exchange you need to set Draw Restrictions for.
  3. Select the gear icon (web) or pencil icon (apps)
  4. Select Draw Restrictions.
  5. On the website, select the pencil icon to the right of the person's name. In the iOS app, select the + button.  In the Android app, select the person's name
  6. Check off each person that the participant shouldn't draw.
  7. Select the back arrow < or X to close the draw restrictions for that person.
  8. Repeat for each person.
    1. ✨ Restrictions are unique to each person, so if you don't want Rudolph to draw Blitzen, or Blitzen to draw Rudolph, both will need a restriction. ✨

      ✨ Only the organizer and assistants are able to see these restrictions. ✨


⚠️Once you have set up restrictions for your group, they will be in place for any future exchanges with this same group.

*Draw Restrictions set by the host may result in someone drawing the same name more than once.