How do I mark that I bought an item on someone's Wishlist?

Presents are wonderful, but doubles are trouble! Here is how to show future gifters that a wish has been bought.

When you mark someone's gift as purchased, other people viewing the wish will see that the wish has already been bought. They can now gift this person something else. 🎁 And don't worry- your surprise is safe with us! When you mark a wish as "purchased," it won't notify or show up for the wishlist owner. 


To mark an item as purchased, you need to draw this person's name in a Gift Exchange, or follow them as a friend.


How to mark an item as purchased:

  1. Make sure you either drew this person's name in an exchange, or you are following them as a friend.
  2. Go to their Wishlist page, and click the Wishlist you have purchased from.
  3. Find the specific wish.
  4. Click on the "mark as purchased" button within that wish box on the right side.
  5. If the person wished for more than one of this item, you'll be prompted to enter the quantity you purchased.
  6. Confirm that you purchased the item, and you're all set!. ✨ Other people looking at their wishlist can now see that it has already been bought.  They won't be notified who bought it.
  7. If you accidentally mark the wrong item, select "undo mark as purchased". 

      Now you can pat yourself on the back, pour yourself some cocoa, and know that they will only receive this wish from you!


      ✨ During an active Gift Exchange, we do not share who follows a Wishlist to avoid spoiling any surprises. ✨