How do I mark an item as purchased on someone's Wishlist?

Duplicate gifts spoil the fun! Be sure to mark an item as purchased, so they'll get everything they want.

You can mark an item as purchased on another person's Wishlist so that other people viewing the Wishlist can see something has already been bought. The items marked as purchased are hidden from the owner of the Wishlist, so it will not spoil the surprise!

You need to have drawn the person in a Gift Exchange or be following their Wishlist in order to see the option to mark an item as purchased. 

  • From the Wishlist you will be buying from or have bought from, find the item you will or have purchased.
  • Click/tap on Mark as Purchased.
    • If the person wished for more than one of the item, you'll be prompted to enter the quantity you purchased.
    • If you accidentally click on this button on the wrong item, choose UNDO on the  "Purchased By You" field.
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✨ During an active Gift Exchange, we do not share who follows a Wishlist to avoid spoiling any surprises. ✨