How do I manage a child account's Wishlists?

Instructions for adding to and editing a child account's Wishlist

To manage a child account’s Wishlist, click your profile icon in the top right-hand corner. Select their name from your Family Manager list. Check to make sure it says, "You are managing the account for [the name you chose]" across the top of the screen on the right. 

To add items to a child account's Wishlist, you can select their Wishlist from your list of Wishlists when adding a wish.

When managing a child account’s Wishlist, you can:

  • Add new Wishlists
  • Delete old Wishlists
  • Add wishes
  • Delete wishes
  • Change the order of wishes
  • Add color or size to a wish
  • Share the Wishlist
  • Change the settings


You won't be able to mark items as purchased when managing a child account.

To mark items as purchased, you will need to access the Wishlist from your account via your FRIENDS list.


When you’ve completed working on the Wishlist in the child account, scroll to the top of the screen and select "Switch Back to [Your Name]". You can then select another linked account to manage from the Family Manager or add items to your own Wishlist!

Always return to your account in order to select a different linked account or manage your own Wishlist.