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How do I invite someone to a Gift Exchange?

Good News! You can invite someone at any time during the Gift Exchange!

Organizers and Assistants can invite more people to a Gift Exchange. In some cases, an organizer may enable the option for everyone to invite more people.  

If you're creating a brand new Gift Exchange, the instructions for sending invitations during the set up can be found here.

You can also invite people after adding details or if you inadvertently left someone off the list.  It happens to the best elves!

To invite people at any time:

  1. Navigate to your Gift Exchange page by clicking Gift Exchanges at the top of the screen on desktop or tapping the hamburger menu on mobile.
  2. Select the Gift Exchange you want to invite someone to. 
  3. Select +Invite in the menu below the Gift Exchange dashboard. Mobile users - tap About to bring up the organizer menu.
    1. To invite via email - Enter names and email addresses - we'll send the invitations. Gmail users will have the option to sync their contacts.
    2. To invite on social media - Copy and paste the invitation sign up link to share on your favorite messaging or social media platform.
    3. If you already have an account on Elfster, you may see the option to invite your Elfster friends.
    4. If you chose a past Gift Exchange but didn't send invitations during the setup process, you'll see an "Invite Group" option
    5. Mobile users will also see options to invite via Facebook Messenger, text, What's App, and the native share option on your device.
  4. For large lists, organizers can copy and paste comma-separated emails by clicking or tapping "Want to add people with just email addresses?" below the Invite button in the email invite option.

Invitation options on DesktopInvitation Options on Mobile.   Inviting with email addresses


📧   If you need to invite a bulk email list, follow these steps:
1. Click Invite
2. Click Enter Emails
3. Click Want to add people with just email addresses? Click Here
4. Enter your list of email addresses separated by commas 
Example: marysmith@example.com, joesmith@example.com