How do I create a new Wishlist?

When you create your Elfster account, a Wishlist is automatically created - just add wishes! You can create additional Wishlists to organize your wishes by category or by who should see them. Create as many Wishlists as you like!

Accessing your Wishlist(s)

  • Select Wishlists in the menu or navigation bar

Adding Additional Wishlists

  • Select Wishlist in the menu or navigation bar
      • Select the 'Create a Wishlist' box
      • Give your new Wishlist a name
      • Add an optional Description up to 500 characters with your favorite color, likes/dislikes, things you collect, allergies, etc. This will appear at the top of your Wishlist when your friends view it
      • Decide who should be able to see your Wishlist
        • Public will allow anyone with an Elfster account to see your Wishlist
        • Limited will allow you to choose the group(s) or an individual who should see your Wishlist
        • Private means that only you will be able to view your Wishlist. This is great for making 'Idea Lists' filled with gift ideas you've had for giving to others!
        • 📝Note: A Wishlist must be Public to share outside of Elfster
      • Save your new Wishlist