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How do I create a new Gift Exchange with the same people?

If you had so much fun with a previous group of participants and want to Gift Exchange with them again, simply select that group from the drop-down menu when you create the new Gift Exchange.


Your personal list of previous Gift Exchanges is available when you select "Yes, start with an existing exchange" on the Secret Santa Generator screen. Click the drop-down arrow to see your list and choose the Gift Exchange you want to repeat.  We'll carry over your previous name, location and rules. Don't worry you'll be able to change that information if you need to.  You can also invite all or some of the people who participated before and invite new people after setting the date for your new Gift Exchange.


Creating a Gift Exchange with the same people

Benefits of starting with a past Gift Exchange:

  • Keep past draw restrictions.
  • Invite the same participants quickly and easily.
  • Add people or remove people from the list in the next step.
  • Prevent someone from drawing the same person two consecutive times.
  • Keep your and your participants' Group page tidy.

Elf Tip: The Do It Again button in your past Gift Exchange is a quick, easy way to create a Gift Exchange with the same people.