How do I create a new child account?

Instructions for adding a new account for someone else that you will be able to manage while logged into your own account.

Creating a new child account is quick and easy.  Follow the steps below for a less than two minute setup:

  1. Select view my profile on your dashboardDashboard
  2. Select the Family Manager button.
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    1. You are now in the Family Manager. Select the add a new account button.
      add a new account
    2. Enter the information in the First Name, Last Name, Elfster Username, and Elfster Password fields. These are all required fields.enter required fields
      • Your email address will be used as the email address for the new linked account.
      • It’s important to choose a unique username, which is not your email address, for each new linked account.
    3. Select the save button.
      • You'll be able to add the new account to existing groups you belong to, such as family groups. Simply check the box next to the group they should belong to and select next when you're done or skip this step.
    4. The next screen will allow you the option to:
      1. Manage the new linked account.
      2. Add another family member.
      3. View all family members that you've previously added and linked to your account.