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How do I customize the emails I receive?

Instructions to keep your inbox neat and tidy with just the right amount of emails from Elfster.

We want you to get the perfect amount of emails for your Elfster needs. You can customize the emails Elfster sends you.

Email notifications fall into several categories, with the option to opt-in or out:

  • Wish Lists and Personal Questions
    • Opt-in to receive an email when someone asks you a Secret Q&A question.
  • Following Notifications
    • Opt-in to receive an email when someone you're following adds an item to their Wish List.  
    • Opt-in to receive an email letting you know that a birthday is coming up for someone you're following.
    • Opt-in to receive an email when a gift guide you're following is updated.
  • Group Birthdays and Discussions
    • Opt-in to receive emails about group discussions.
    • Opt-in to receive emails about group members' birthdays.
  • My Birthday
    • Opt-in to allow Elfster to send notifications to others about your birthday.
  • Elfster Newsletters.
    • Opt-in to stay up-to-date on all things Elfster.

By default, all the boxes are checked when you create an account.  Unchecking the boxes related to the items listed will ensure that you receive the emails you wish to.


On the Website Using Any Device:

To edit your notifications on any device, click or tap on your profile image and select "My Settings," then select Email Notifications from the menu on the left. Check or uncheck the boxes available to customize the emails you will receive. Changes are saved automatically.

Elf Shortcut: Click here to edit your email settings. Changes are saved automatically.

📝 Notes:

  • Each group you belong to has its own email notification settings. You may want to receive discussion and birthday notifications for a family group you are a member of, but not for a larger online group. When you join a new group or exchange, you may need to customize the emails Elfster sends you again.
  • Emails related to an active gift exchange you are participating in are our way of letting you know what is going on in the gift exchange, so you can't opt-out of those. This is so you don't miss important dates or notifications from your organizer. 📝