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How do I change the email address of someone in my Gift Exchange?

Pre-draw instructions for getting the invitation to the right email address for someone in your Gift Exchange.

Editing the Email Address of a Participant on Laptop or Desktop

If a person in your Gift Exchange hasn't registered their account yet, you'll be able to update their email address in your Gift Exchange.

If they have a registered account, you'll be able to send an invitation to a different email address.


Editing the Email Address of a Participant on Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

  1. From your Elfster home page, select the correct Gift Exchange.
    1. Some mobile devices may show a Gift Exchange button.  Tap that to see your Gift Exchange.
  2. Click on Manage Participants on the left side of the Exchange page.
    1. On a tablet or mobile device tap the Gift Exchange Hamburger menu on the left under the Gift Exchange dashboard first.
  3. Click/tap on the three dots Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 11.29.50 AM to the right of the person's name.
    1. If you invited a participant that does not have a registered Elfster account, there will be a Change User Info option.  Select the Change User Info option to update their email address by clicking in the field, erasing the email address in the field and typing the new email address.
    2. If the participant you invited already has an Elfster Account, you will instead select Send Gift Exchange Link and enter the correct email address. We will send an email to the correct address with a link to the Gift Exchange to allow them to update their email address in their Elfster profile.

    If you see a yellow banner on the Participants page that means we were unable to send emails to some participants. You'll want to check those flagged emails for any typos and correct them using the Change User Info button.

    If you are certain the email address is correct, you can use the Change User Info button to retype the email address and then click Save to remove the error message.

    Elf Tip ✨ If your participants have Hotmail or Yahoo account for emails, the Grinch frequently sends their emails to junk mail. Please have them add the-elves@elfster.com to their trusted contacts. This will thwart the Grinch's efforts to ruin your Gift Exchange fun.
    Please note, only the account owner can update or change the email address associated with their registered account. If they forget how to log into their account, they can email us at help@elfster.com.