How do I change the country on my shop page?

Elfster's shop experience can be changed to UK, Canada or USA to find specially curated gift guides direct from those countries.

✨ Elf Tip:  If we don't have a shopping guide specific to your country, we do have many ways that you can add local favorites to your Wishlist! Rather than searching our guides, any item you desire can be added using the link from that item's website, or simply by typing in the name of the item into your Wishlist.
Just below the search bar on our Shop page, you can click "Write in a Wish" to add your most desired items straight to your Wishlist. 🎁

Changing the country on the Shop page:

1. Click Shop at the top of any Elfster page. 

2.  Scroll down to the footer, at the very bottom of the page. (this can be done from any Elfster page) In the teal colored footer you will see the country USA, CA or UK listed on the bottom right of the page.

3. Select the up arrow ^ to change the Shop experience to one of these countries.

4. You can now view all the gift guides and shopping recommendations in your country's currency, populated with local merchandisers.

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