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How do I change my RSVP?

Need to change your RSVP? No sweat. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be all set.

How to Change Your RSVP ✉️
  1. Log into your Elfster account
  2. Go to your Gift Exchange page
  3. Click Change Reply under Who's Participating and update your RSVP
  4. Don’t forget to click RSVP!

Change RSVP on a Desktop or Laptop

Exchange landing page-1

RSVP Screen with Child-1

Change RSVP on a Mobile Device

  Mobile Exchange Hamburger Menu    Mobile Change RSVP-1  .Mobile RSVP Screen-1



⚠️ You can change your RSVP right up until names are drawn.  If you need to bow out of the Gift Exchange after names have been drawn, please contact your organizer.