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How do I add someone after names have been drawn?

Good News! You can invite people at any time to your Gift Exchange!

Inviting Someone after Names Have Been Drawn:

  1. Select current Gift Exchanges from your dashboard.
  2. Select the Gift Exchange you'd like to invite more people to
  3. Select Invite people just under the Gift Exchange dashboard at the right of the page
  4. Enter the name and email address of as many people as you need to add to the exchange.
    1. You can also choose to share a sign-up link or invite from Elfster friends
    2. iOS and Android app users can import from their contact list to invite
  5. Select the send invites button
    1. iOS and Android users will select "add to invite list".  Once everyone has been added to the list, dismiss the keyboard and select the send invites button
  6. You will see that those individuals need to accept the invitation or that you can accept for them.
  7. Once they have accepted or you have accepted for them, you will see that you have people who are unassigned for your exchange
  8. Select "Draw Names" when you are ready to draw names.
    1. If there is more than one person, the latecomers will be assigned to each other and the rest of the assigned draws for your exchange will not change.
    2. If you have only one latecomer, you must select a name to assign the new person to. The latecomer will receive the name that the person currently has.
      1. Example: Comet is giving to Dasher. Rudolph joins the Gift Exchange late. You select Comet to give to Rudolph. Rudolph will now be giving to Dasher and no other draws will be affected.


People may also RSVP after names are drawn. These people will be listed as participants who are unassigned, and they all will be assigned a draw when you click the Draw Names button in the latecomers section of the exchange page.