How do I add Assistants to a Group?

Organizers can add Assistants to a Group to help them manage the Group, including adding and removing members, starting and organizing Gift Exchanges, and editing the Group settings.

✏️ Note: To add an Assistant, first invite the person to the Group, and have them accept the invitation.  Assistants will be able to see everything an Organizer can see, including who drew whom and draw restrictions.

To add an Assistant on a Desktop, Laptop or Mobile device:

  1. Invite the person to the group.
  2. From the Group page, select Manage underneath the word Assistants under the Group profile image.
  3. Scroll through the list of names of people in the group to the person you'd like to add as an Assistant.
  4. Click on the person or persons you want to make an Assistant then click SAVE at the bottom right of the list.
⚠️  Assistants can perform all the tasks that Organizers can, however, they cannot delete Groups or Gift Exchanges.