How do I add a photo to my Group?

Adding a photo helps your group members easily identify your Group.

To add a profile photo to represent your Group:

  1. Click or Tap on the Group name from the Groups section of your Elfster homepage. You may have to click/tap on the "View All" button to see a full list of all of your Groups.
  2. Within the existing group image, click/tap on the Camera icon, which will then allow you to "Change Group Image."
  3. From here you can choose a photo from your computer to represent your group page. 

Note: For best success use the types listed below and pictures 📸 no larger than 2 MB.  

  • .gif
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg

Group settings are not yet accessible in our iOS and Android apps. That just means you’ll need to head over to our website. You can do this in the Elfster app by tapping the three bars in the upper left-hand corner. Then tap “Go to Website”. Login to the website and you’re there. Simple as that! 💫