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How can I keep track of the items I'm purchasing on other people's Wishlists?

We've gotten this question a few times and while we don't have a specific feature, we do have an elf-hack. Read on to find out how one of our elves keeps track of the wishes they've "granted".

I am a "lister" elf, so I definitely like to know what wishes I've marked as purchased on other people's Wishlists on Elfster.  

Rather than keeping that list in a spreadsheet or notebook or post-it notes, I used a feature already available in Elfster - the Private Wishlist!

First - you want to create the Wishlist.  Here are some quick steps, but if you need more info: check out our article on creating Wishlists.

  1. Click/tap the +New Wishlist buttonCreate a New Wishlist
  2. Name the Wishlist something descriptive.  I chose "Wishes I've Marked as Purchased" - not very creative, but I won't forget what's on the list.
  3. Mark the Wishlist as PRIVATE - this might be the most important step!
  4. Add an optional descriptive note.
  5. Save

New Wishlist Settings

Now that your "Things I've Marked as Purchased" Wishlist is created, here's how to add items to that list.

"Wish" for the item you marked as purchased

  1. After you've marked an item as purchased on someone else's Wishlist, click/tap Wish.
  2. Select your private "Wishes I've Marked as Purchased" Wishlist as the one to add the wish to.
  3. Put the person the item is for in the note field.
  4. Save
  5. When you view that Wishlist, you'll be able to see who you've already purchased gifts for and what they were.  You can even add items to it that aren't on someone's wishlist by adding a text wish or a link wish for the item you purchased.




Selecting a Wishlist   Add who the item is for in the note field   Wish with Note

✨ Have some of your own elf-hacks?  We'd love to hear them!  Send us a note at help@elfster.com