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How are names drawn?

Manually draw or let Elfster draw your names

Names are automatically drawn the morning after the sign-up deadline. If you don’t want Elfster to automatically draw names because you'd like to check who signed up, create draw restrictions, or anything else, the Organizer can do so themselves! Simply follow the instructions 👇
How the Organizer can Change Settings to Manually Draw Names
  1. Go to your Gift Exchange page
  2. Select the gear icon on the web or the pencil icon in the iOS and Android apps
  3. Select Privacy Settings
  4. Toggle  “Do not draw names automatically after the sign-up date” to the right to turn ON.
  5. Select the “draw names now” button when you’re ready 

⚠️ Anyone who has not RSVP’d by the time names are drawn will not be included in the draw.


✨ You can manually draw names up to the RSVP deadline without changing the settings just by selecting the “draw names now” button



Draw Redo

If you’ve received RSVPs to join your group (even after names have been drawn) or some participants can no longer partake in your Gift Exchange, you do NOT have to re-draw names! 🎉
If you would still like to re-draw names anyway, simply follow the instructions 👇

How to Re-Draw Names 🎩

If you forgot to set Draw Restrictions or need to undraw names for any reason—No sweat! Follow the directions below and you’ll be all set. 👇
  1. Select Exchanges in the menu or the navigation bar
  2. Select the Gift Exchange you want to redo the draw for
  3. Select the gear icon on the website or pencil icon in the iOS and Android apps
  4. Scroll down and select “Undo Draw”
    1. on the mobile website select "Gift Exchange Details" first
  5. Select "Clear All Draw Assignments" and then “Clear All”
  6. After making the changes you need to make, select “Draw Names Now” on the exchange dashboard.

⚠️ Once you’ve un-drawn names, previous matches will be permanently deleted.