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  2. Organizing a Gift Exchange

How do I see who has sent their gift?

Hosts are our heroes! We've tried to make managing Gift Exchanges as easy as possible and that includes keeping track of tasks your participants need to complete.

For maximum success, participants in a Gift Exchange need to:

  1. Include their mailing address (if gifts are exchanged individually)
  2. Create a Wishlist 
  3. Buy (nd send (if the Gift Exchange is virtual) a gift to the person they drew.

Sounds really simple!  Hosts have to keep track of who has done what.  To help you, we've set up filters on the Participants page of your Gift Exchange.

  1. Go to your Gift Exchange page
  2. Click / tap the Gift Exchange you are hosting.
  3. Select "Manage Participants" from the menu on the left (on Desktop) or tap "About" to select "Manage Participants" from the menu on mobile.
    1. In the apps, swipe left on the gear icon and then select Participants.
  4. Use the filter to select people who fall into different categories.  
    1. Note: Some categories are only available during certain parts of the gift exchange. For instance, the filters about marking as sent and received are not available before names have drawn.
    2. Send an email to the group you've selected by clicking or tapping ✉️ Send Message.

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