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Can I accept an invitation for someone else?

Organizers, Assistants, and Family Managers can accept an invitation to a Gift Exchange on behalf of some accounts. Read on for all the deets.

What Accounts Organizers and Assistants can Accept on Behalf Of

Organizers and Assistants can accept the invitation to a Gift Exchange they have created under the following circumstances:

  • The account is new to Elfster and is unregistered.  When an organizer accepts on behalf of the person, they will receive an email letting them know that the organizer accepted on their behalf.  The account will remain unregistered until the person registers it.
  • The account is registered and has participated in the organizer's groups in the past.  This helps families who know everyone will be participating.
  • If you are able to accept for another person, you will see the "Accept" option in the Manage menu when you tap the + to the right of their name.
Participant List         Participant Plus Menu Options
  • In the iOS and Android apps, tap the three dots to the right of the person's name to reveal the accept option if available.

Accept for Participant in App


What Accounts Family Managers can Accept on Behalf Of

Family Managers can accept the invitation to a Gift Exchange any of the child accounts they manage have been invited to.


Emailed invitations are personalized and can not be forwarded to invite other participants. 

⚠️ We will assist a user in being removed from a Gift Exchange they did not personally accept the RSVP for.